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Volunteering with Leeds Youth Offending Service

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We have an established volunteering team which is integral to the work of Leeds Youth Offending Service. There are in excess of 60 volunteers who volunteer with us in a variety of roles. This may be as a mentor supporting young people on a one to one basis, helping to plan individual programmes of work to reduce risk of future offending or supporting young people in the police station following their arrest.

If successful following interview, we ask all volunteers to complete our foundation and role specific training modules and to undertake a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) application.

We recruit for volunteering at different times in the year as the need arises within the specific roles. If you are interested in volunteering with us and want to know more, please get in contact to discuss things further. You can use our e-mail address to raise any specific questions that you have.

  • Volunteers should be 21 years or over for the roles that we currently work with.
  • Foundation and role specific training will be provided for all volunteers.
  • And we ask for a minimum commitment of ideally12 months to match the time given for training and development.
    • For detailed role descriptions, person specifications, expectations of time commitments and application process details please click the Documents tab.

I have a criminal record, can I still apply to volunteer with Leeds Youth Offending Service?

​Yes you can, all applications and convictions are assessed individually. The seriousness of the offence and the time since it was committed will both be taken into consideration.

Can I still volunteer with the Youth Offending Service even though I have no previous experience?

Yes, core training and specialised training for each specific role will be provided for all volunteers.

I am a student and not always at my term address, can I volunteer with the Youth Offending Service?

Yes, you would need to highlight your availability at interview stage and we can take this into account when discussing potential volunteering roles.

I am in receipt of benefits, can I still work as a volunteer with Leeds Youth Offending Service?

Yes, please discuss your application with the job centre, they will advise you appropriately.

I am registered disabled, can I work as a volunteer with Leeds Youth Offending Service?

Yes, we will discuss any requirements you may have at the interview stage.