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Vehicular Crossings

A vehicular crossing is an area of lowered pavement and kerb which is used to give access to vehicles from a road across the footway and onto a driveway or parking area.

It is against the law to drive across a public footway without an authorised vehicular crossing, as damage will be caused to the footway or services underneath.

We will give permission for a vehicular crossing to be built and will inspect and approve the built crossing as to specification and legality. A single £41.20 administration fee is the only charge.

We do not construct new vehicular crossings you will need to select a contractor to undertake the work.

You can download the guidance notes and leaflets on this page for more details on the steps you need to take to speed up your application.

To begin the process of applying for permission to construct a vehicular crossing, ring the Highways Helpline on 0113 222 44 07 (Minicom 0845 1271113).

Alternatively you can write to:

Leeds City Council
Highways & Transportation
Ring Road Middleton
Leeds LS10 4AX