Transport for children with special educational needs or disability (SEND)
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Transport for children with special educational needs or disability (SEND)

Is my child eligible for free transport?

Just like other five to 16-year olds, children who have recognised learning difficulties and/or a disability are entitled to free home to school transport if they are either:

  • under 8 years old, attend their nearest qualifying school and live 2 miles or more from that school, or
  • 8 years old or over, attend their nearest qualifying school and live 3 miles or more from that school

Is there any support for children with SEND who live relatively close to their school?

Learning difficulties

Children with SEND are entitled to support if they attend their nearest qualifying school and:

  • cannot walk to school in reasonable safety, even if they are accompanied by a responsible adult because of unpredictable behaviour, or
  • their disability means they are unable to walk even short distances
  • They do not have to have a Statement or Education Health and Care Plan, but the need for support is apparent from either document


Assistance on medical grounds

Children who are not already the subject of a statement of SEN or EHC plan, but have a disability, mobility problem, congenital or permanent medical condition (for example arthritis or cystic fibrosis) that means they cannot reasonably be expected to walk to school may be eligible for assistance.  Children who suffer a temporary medical condition may also be eligible for assistance.  Please see section 5 of our transport policy, which can be found in the ‘documents’ section below.

Assistance for children whose parents have a disability

The parents of children of primary school age, who are disabled and, as a result of the incapacity, are unable to accompany their child on the walking route to their nearest qualifying school, may be eligible for assistance.  Please see section 6 of our transport policy, which can be found in the ‘documents’ section below

What if I don’t want my child to attend the nearest school that can meet their needs?

If your child attends a school you chose, which is further away than the nearest one that can meet their needs, assistance will be provided on the condition that you agree to pay any additional costs incurred by the Council. Those additional costs will be calculated at the rate of 50p for every extra mile, which is significantly less than the actual cost to the council of providing transport.

You can find full details of our eligibility criteria by reading the latest version of Leeds Children’s Transport Policy (PDF 124KB).

How do I apply?

If your child meets the eligibility criteria please download, complete and return the application form (PDF 327KB) to:

The SEND Transport Assessment Team
Passenger Transport
Civic Enterprise Leeds
Westland Road
LS11 5SB

Alternatively you can call to ask for a paper copy or for advice: 0113 378 1820

Once we receive your fully-completed application, it will be assessed on an individual basis and we will contact you within 15 working days.

What types of assistance are available?


Click to expandZero Fare School Pass


The pass is accepted for travel on buses and trains operating within the county of West Yorkshire.

It allows one journey to school and one journey home between 7am and 7pm each school day. It can be used on more than one service if no direct service is available and the child needs to change from one bus service to another (or from bus to train and vice versa). It is not valid if they break their journey unnecessarily and try to re-board without paying.​

Click to expandZero Fare Boarding Pass


The pass allows your child to travel on a special school bus free of charge. These ‘school specials’ are funded by the local authority to serve areas where ordinary bus services are not available.​

Click to expandTravel training

​​For further information please visit our Independent Travel Training page.​

Click to expandMileage allowance, fixed payment or travel allowance


Available if you would like to use your own vehicle or make your own arrangements to take your child to and from school.​

Click to expandTaxi or minibus to transport your child from your permanent home address to


To transport your child from your permanent home address to school and back - if we offer to provide you with a taxi or a minibus, your child is likely to travel with other pupils.​

Click to expandA passenger assistant

To travel with your child in a taxi or minibus.

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