Traffic Calming Schemes
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Traffic Calming Schemes

Leeds City Council 20mph Zones 2017/18

Leeds City Council has had a long standing ambition to improve both safety and quality of life on its residential streets by reducing traffic speeds using 20mph zones and speed limits. This is in line with the views of central Government and the Department for Transport, who encourage local authorities to introduce more 20mph speed limits and 20mph zones particularly where pedestrian and cyclist movements are high. This is often around schools, shops, markets, playgrounds and housing areas.

The objective of these 20mph zones and limits is to create a safer road environment for all, but with a particular emphasis on children. The introduction of 20mph zones in the vicinity of schools and their surrounding residential areas is also designed to encourage children to engage in walking and cycling to school.

The introduction of 20 mph schemes is a well-established element of Leeds City Council’s programme of road casualty reduction in residential areas, and has had success in reducing both traffic speeds and the number of recorded injury accidents in these areas. Leeds City Council has a vision that the majority of residential streets within the district will be governed by a 20mph speed limit by 2020.

There are around forty remaining school sites in Leeds which do not have 20mph zones surrounding them, and it is estimated that fifteen of these can be delivered within the available Local Transport Plan for West Yorkshire funding for 2017/18. This is money specifically allocated for introducing 20mph zones as part of a general reduction in road traffic accidents.

There have been 66 recorded injury accidents across the fifteen sites in the past 5 years, including 16 rated as serious. These accidents involved a total of 78 casualties of which 18 included pedestrians.

The documents on this page detail the extents of each 20mph zone or speed limit. Traffic calming is proposed along some of the roads within the zones where the speeds are highest, and this is shown on each plan.

Each 20mph area will have large terminal signs indicating the new speed limit, and will include smaller repeater signs throughout the area.

As well as reducing the number and severity of traffic accidents within each area it is also hoped that the new limits around schools will encourage children to engage with healthier activities such as walking or cycling to school, and generally create an environment more appropriate for residential areas.


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