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A653 Dewsbury Road / Ring Road Beeston Park Integrated Transport Scheme

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The scheme provides an integrated approach to transport issues at this location by addressing a number of longstanding problems in a way which sought to reduce congestion on Ring Road Beeston Park as well as on the A653 Dewsbury Road corridor.  The scheme cost £3m and was funded as part of the Local Transport Plan programme.

The scheme was completed on time and to budget and the benefits include:

  • Improvements to the layout of the junction at A653 Dewsbury Road/Ring Road Beeston Park to reduce congestion on both routes. In AM peak reduced overall delay by 83% and PM peak by 36%.
  • The increased capacity and signal optimisation reduces peak period delays by up to 5 minutes for 10 buses per hour on Ring Road Beeston Park and up to 2 minutes for 18 buses per hour in each direction on A653 Dewsbury Road, thereby improving the reliability and punctuality of the bus services.
  • The increase in capacity and reduction in congestion also allows Traffic Light Priority (TPL) to be given to buses to improve their journey times even further (To be implemented in the next few months as scheme beds in).
  • Improved conditions for cyclists using Ring Road Beeston Park through the provision of shared use footway/cycleways between the A653 Dewsbury Road and Bodmin Road.
  • Improved road safety, especially for pedestrians by the provision of a new toucan and separate pedestrian crossing at Ring Road Beeston Park either side of the Gipsy Lane junction and improved crossing facilities at the A653 Dewsbury Road/Ring Road Beeston Park junction.
  • The cycleway and crossings were added to the scheme following consultation with the local community and the Cockburn High School.
  • The engineering and environmental challenges included dealing with difficult ground conditions, providing storm water storage facilities, re-building bridge stone parapets, installation of decorative railings and coordinating the work of a number of utility companies and contractors. The sensitive location meant the traffic management and maintaining pedestrian facilities was challenging. However, now the main work is complete, a new planting scheme to further enhance the area is being carried out and is due to be completed shortly.

    Before and after photographs of the scheme are shown above:

    Start of Bus Lane on Ring Road Beeston Park (see Photo Group 1)

    Junction of Parkwood Road/Ring Road Beeston Park (see Photo Group 2)

    Junction of Gipsy Lane/Ring Road Beeston Park (see Photo Group 3)

    Ring Road Beeston Park at site of disused railway bridge (see Photo Group 4)

    Junction of Ring Road Beeston Park/A653 Dewsbury Road (see Photo Group 5)