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Things to think about (adoption)

Becoming an adoptive parent is exciting, fulfilling and extremely rewarding. However it’s a big step and you should be sure that adoption is right for you. If it is then we will do all we can to help and support you throughout your adoption journey.

Your lifestyle

It's essential that you're settled in a stable home and have a secure relationship, or are secure in your single status, so you can offer the calm and stable environment your child will need.

Becoming an adoptive parent will mean that your lifestyle will change significantly. It's important to have some experience of caring for or working with children and have some understanding of children's needs - this will help you consider the impact that caring for a child permanently will have on you and your family.
Your outlook

You should be clear in your own mind that adoption is now your first choice method of becoming a parent.

As a prospective adopter it's important that you can understand and manage your own emotional needs so you can help your child do the same. It will be helpful for you to think about your own life experiences, recognise how they influence you and how they will influence your parenting.

Adoption is a lifelong process and we offer you ongoing support throughout. It's important that you use this support as much as you need it.

Find out more about the support we offer on our Support for adopter’s page below.

Positive qualities

Good adoptive parents are able to put themselves in someone else's shoes and think about how they might feel.

Patience, tolerance and an open attitude are essential qualities for adoptive parents. You should be prepared to change and adapt your expectations, hopes and aspirations when needed.
Meeting an adopted child's needs

We need adopters who can meet the needs of children whose needs have not been met during their early lives. As a result of their early experiences these children have additional needs.

Your adopted child will need your help to make sense of their difficult past history, and your support to help them manage their feelings and behaviour as a result of this. You will need to be committed to explaining adoption to your child and may need to help them keep in touch with significant people from their past, either by letter or in person. Our SafeBase course will help you with the skills and techniques you need to do this.

For friendly advice and support call us on 0113 395 2072.