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The school food ambassador programme

Giving pupils a voice on school food

In line with the School Food Plan (see external links section), we believe students need to be involved in monitoring their own school meals. This will ensure the school and caterers are receiving relevant  feedback they can act on which will give children what they care about in the dining hall, ensure food standards are met and promote school meals. The role of this programme is to put student voices and enthusiasm at the heart of our efforts and to reflect our desire to be a ‘Child Friendly City’.

In practice, SFA involves a small group of pupils becoming elected to monitor school food with the support of a key member of staff.  They give feedback from their peers alongside evidence from monitoring directly to the school cook and senior leadership to influence change. It is all about pupils taking the lead for their own school food provision to improve its quality, increase uptake and enhance their overall dining experience beyond lunch times. 

“The school believed we can make a difference, they trusted us” 

(Primary school ambassadors, 2011)

“You really need to stop and listen to us; we are the voice of the pupils and we know what we want, we know it is hard work, but this is what we want.” (Primary school ambassador, 2011)

For more information on this fantastic programme, training days and support please see the external links section. ​​​​