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Support for sensory needs

The sensory service team

We are a team of specialist staff who ensure access to educational settings for pupils and students with visual impairment and those who are Deaf/ hearing impaired and those with multi sensory impairment. We offer a range of high quality services to families and children, early years settings, schools and colleges. The services we provided include:

  •  Identification and assessment of pupils' educational needs 
  •  Promoting teaching strategies that ensure high learning outcomes
  • Direct support and teaching
  • Liaison with health, social services and voluntary agencies 
  •  Advice, training and support for families 
  •  Training and support for schools, colleges and educational settings to ensure access 
  •  Monitoring of progress and levels of achievement 
  •  Curriculum differentiation 
  •  Provision of specialist equipment and resources
  •  Working with babies and families in their homes from the point of diagnosis

    We also work with the health authority, other educational professionals, social care and voluntary organisations to promote effective inclusion of all learners. This is promoted in partnership with parents, families, early years settings, schools, colleges and other educational settings.

    We with children, families and settings from the point of diagnosis. We provide support and teaching to enable full access to early years settings, schools, SILCs and specialist resource provisions.  For very young children we provide support to the child and family in their home. We support  inclusion to enable Deaf, hearing impaired and visually impaired children to achieve their full potential in all aspects of school life.

    Deaf START (Support, Training and Resource Team) is a post 16 support service for deaf students. Specialist staff ensure access for Deaf, deafened or hard of hearing learners at further, higher education or training centres as part of the post 16 and lifelong learning service.
    Students receive support in accessing their course work through British sign language, English support, note taking or radio aids.
    The Deaf START Team provides training for educational settings in deaf awareness.

For any enquires about support for deaf or hearing impaired children or children with visual impairment please ring 0113 395 0556