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Street Nameplates

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It is important, as we travel further from our local area, that if we find where we are going and where we want to go quickly and efficiently. Most importantly it is vital in the event of an urgent situation that you and your street can be located quickly by the Emergency Services.

The Council aims to provide an appropriate level of street nameplates on a road, especially where it has a junction with another road. It may not be possible to sign a street at every junction.

The Council is also responsible for the repair and maintenance of street name plates when this becomes necessary either due to accident, vandalism or normal wear and tear. This has a lesser priority than ensuring each street has a nameplate.

The council are not responsible for replacing street nameplates on private un-adopted roads or private housing area; this is the responsibility of the landowner (often resident themselves or a housing developer). However, we are able to supply and install street nameplates at a cost on behalf of the landowners.

Requests to repair street nameplates are investigated and priority given to signs, or their supports, which are a safety hazard. Accident damaged or stolen are replaced within approx two to three months, and signs that are faded and readable but in need of replacing will be replaced within twelve months. Signs which have been vandalised may require cleaning by the Graffiti removal team. Other damage will be investigated and prioritised for repair.

In the case of new developers however, the developer is responsible either for the erection of the street nameplates to the council specification or for arranging the erection by the council.

To report damaged or, missing street name plates please use the contact details below

Whom to contact (For example, to report a broken sign):

Telephone: Leeds Contact Centre    0113 2224407

By Minicom:                                  0113 2224410
E-mail:       Highways@leeds.gov.uk
Write:         Highways and Transportation
                 Traffic Engineering Section 
                 Middleton Ring Road
                 Leeds LS10 4AX

For Graffiti removal please use the following details:
Telephone:  Leeds Contact Centre   0113 2224406

By Minicom:                                  0113 2224410
E-mail:        refusecollection@leeds.gov.uk
Write:         Graffiti Removal Team
                  Civic Hall
                  Calverley Street
                  Leeds LS1 1UR