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Street Lighting

This page will tell you how to report a broken street light,  bollard or lit road sign.  It will also tell you how to report emergency faults.

Report a street lighting problem

To report a street lighting problem, please go to the top tasks section and fill in the online form 'report a street lighting problem'.  Please give us as much information as you can, such as the location, and, if possible, the identification number.

On completion of the form you will receive an acknowledgement and appropriate action will be taken to rectify the fault.

Emergency faults
Some faults are categorised as emergencies and we aim to attend to these within one hour. Please can you report these to our contact number on 0800 0325349 as soon as possible.

Emergency faults include:

  • door at the bottom of a column is missing and electrical wires are showing;
  • top of the light is hanging loose; and
  • street lights, illuminated signs or bollards damaged, knocked down by vehicles or vandalised.

Other faults

To report other faults please see the related pages.