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Smoke control areas

Use this page to report a bonfire and find out about smoke control orders in Leeds


We can investigate bonfires on commercial premises and on domestic land, such as the garden of a house.  You can report problem bonfires to us by using the Contact Us form on this page.  Please include your contact details and provide the address of where the bonfire is. 

Smoke control orders

Smoke control orders restrict what fumes are emitted from your chimney. They do not govern what can be burned in a fire in your garden. You can report bonfires by using the Contact Us form on this page.

A large number of areas in Leeds are controlled by smoke control orders. You can check whether your house is in a smoke control area by using Where I Live in the External links section on this page.  Alternatively, you can call us on 0113 247 6252 Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm or email us by using the Contact us form on this page. Please provide details of your address and postcode. We aim to respond within 5 working days.

Areas not subject to restrictions about what they can burn are usually in the former industrial parts of the city and some of the more outlying areas.

Fuels and appliances in smoke control areas

The fuels that can be burned in smoke control areas are governed by Defra as is installed equipment. When you purchase a stove or other solid fuel appliance the installer should check where you live and give some guidance on whether the equipment you wish to purchase is appropriate.

Full details of the fuels and appliances can be found on the Defra website, a link to which is provided in the External links section on this page.​​​​