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Skip licences and applications

If you wish to place a skip on the public footway, verge or carriageway you will need to get a licence as it is an offence to place one without this. If you ask a skip company to provide the skip for you they will normally get the licence.

You must give at least three working days notice when applying for a skip licence. Licences last for a maximum of one month. If you already have a licence and wish to extend it, you must put a further application in before the licence runs out.

We will only stop people parking in residential parking areas or parking meter bay(s) for a skip if there is no practical alternative site.

The application can be found on the expandable Documents section on this page. After we get your application form we will give you a skip licence number and you will be able to place your skip on the highway subject to any conditions contained in the licence.

For more information please email us using the Contact us form on this page or call 0113 247 7526.

Important highway checks to make before getting a licence

Before placing a skip on the public footway, verge or carriageway you should inspect the area. If there is any existing damage you should report it on 0113 247 7526. If you do not do this we will consider that the highway was in good order before the skip was delivered and you will be charged for repairs to any damage reported.‚Äč