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Single person discount

If you live alone, or are the only person over 18 who has their 'sole or main residence' at your address, you are entitled to a 25% ‘Single Person Discount’. If you have already been granted this discount, it will be shown on your bill.
Please note, though, that if someone moves out of an address temporarily, a single person discount does not always apply, even when only one person remains; we have to consider whether their main residence has changed (see the related page 'How your sole or main residence affects your Council Tax' for more information on this). For example, if a couple share a property but one partner moves out for three months to work abroad, the remaining partner won’t usually qualify for a single person discount because the home address is still classed as the absent partner’s main residence.
How to claim or cancel a single person discount
You can claim or cancel a single person discount online - look under Top Tasks on this page.
What if you are getting a single person discount but your circumstances change?
If you are getting a discount but your circumstances change so it no longer applies, (if, for example, someone else moves in with you or your child becomes 18), the law says you must contact us within 21 days. If you don't, you can be fined £70.00.  If you still don't inform us after that, you can be fined another £280.00.
You can use the online form under Top Tasks to tell us when the discount no longer applies.

Does the council check up on single person discount claims?
Yes. The Council is committed to detecting discount fraud and regularly checks discounts claimed. We have access to a wide range of financial, electoral, housing and benefit information to help us prevent and detect single person discount fraud. Reducing fraudulent claims helps us to keep Council Tax increases lower.
What should I do if I think someone is claiming a Council Tax discount fraudulently?
There are a number of ways you can tell us. You can do it anonymously, but if you do give your name we will keep it confidential. We have trained and experienced staff who can advise you if you are unsure about whether to tell us what you suspect. You can:
  • write to us at Council Tax, PO Box 60, 2 Great George Street, Leeds, LS2 8JR;
  • email us at council.tax@leeds.gov.uk, or
  • ring us on 0113 222 4404.

It’s important that you give us as much information as possible as this helps us to gather enough evidence to cancel the discount. Due to the Data Protection Act (1998) and Human Rights Act (1998), we can’t tell you what we’ve done about a case you have reported, but we will investigate all reports and take suitable action. 

I am a single parent living with my son. He’s 18 and a student. Can I get a Single Person Discount?

No, because you are not the only adult resident. But if he is a full-time student, you can claim a Student Discount for him, which is also 25%. You can make an online claim or download a claim form, and will need to provide proof of their student status.

My wife works abroad. She’s been home about 4 weeks this year. Can I get a Single Person Discount?

Usually no, because her ‘sole or main residence’ is still regarded as being at the marital home. But we need to know more about the circumstances, so you should contact the Council Tax office.