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Calverley Church of England Primary School


LS28 5NF

Tel: 0113 257 5127


Preferences show how many pupils applied for this school last academic year. It shows how many selected this school as their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th choice.

Cut off maps
Cut off maps are available if a school was oversubscribed. The map shows the area from which pupils were offered places. If a school wasn’t oversubscribed it doesn’t have a cut off map because all the pupils who applied were offered a place. ​
Children whose home address is within the dotted line on the map have this school as their nearest school. Children whose home address is within the bold line on the map were offered a place at this school​.
​​ ​​

  • Headteacher:
    Mr R Curran
  • School code:
  • Number of pupils:
  • Number of places available:
  • Area:
  • Age range:
    4 to 11
  • Preferences:

    1=54 2=43 3=20 4=14 5=12

  • Allocation Information:

    The school was oversubscribed on offer day last year (there were more applications than there were places available). If you contact the school they will be able to tell you how many children qualified against each priority in their admission policy.

  • Out of school care

  • School travel plan

  • Parents waiting shelter

  • Reduction in car travel

  • Walking/Scooter initiative

  • Road safety training

  • SIF required