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School meals - school governors

The responsibility for making sure that school food standards are met, initially lie with the Local Authority. However if the budget for school meals has been delegated (as it is in all secondary and some primary schools and academies) then the responsibility lies with the school governing body. In all schools governing bodies have a duty to ensure that a healthy eating culture is fostered throughout their school and forms part of its ethos.

A wealth of information, not just for governors but on the whole School Meal Strategy can be found, broken down into sections on the family hub website. See external links to the right.

New school meal uptake data

Governors are required to ask school administrators to check their school data.  With the introduction of pupil premiums, the pending welfare reforms and the universal credit it is more important than ever to monitor your school meals data for accuracy. 

School meal uptake data for financial year 2010/2011 is now available on InfoBase Quicklink code D3397.  

  •  The data is based on April 2010 to April 2011 figures taken from the tracker issued by the finance team and completed by school administrators. If your school data has changed, or you believe it is incorrect, please contact Laura Stimpson in the performance management and information team, phone: 0113 395 0916, email: laura.stimpson@leeds.gov.uk 
  • This year Leeds City Council have published accurate data on paid and free school meal take up. The data for secondary schools includes lunch time sales and 50 per cent of the sales at morning break. This formula will be adopted in future to monitor schools’ performance.

    If you have not yet downloaded your school meals tracker for the 2011/12 financial year, it is available at InfoBase Quicklink code D3396.  We recommend that all schools, including academies, use this tracker to monitor performance for paid and free school meal entitlement and uptake.
  • If your catering provider has changed please contact Rosemary Molinari, school meal strategy advisor, email: rosemary.molinari@leeds.gov.uk

  • If you have any queries regarding entitlement figures please contact Leeds revenue and benefit service, phone: 0113 222 4404, email: fsmenq@leedslearning.net

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