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School calendar

The school calendar page tells you when terms start and finish during the school year.

School Easter break
Since 2010 schools in Leeds have had a fixed Easter break. The two week Easter holiday always falls during the first two weeks in April, regardless of when the Easter bank holidays fall. Depending on the year, the Easter bank holiday can fall at the beginning, middle, or end of the Easter break, but once every few years it falls entirely outside of the Easter break. 

Summer Term
Term Begins: Mon 15th Apr
Bank Holiday / Half Term Week:  Mon 27th May to Fri 31st May
Term Ends:  Tues 23rd July

Autumn Term
Term Begins:  Mon 2nd Sep
Half Term Week:  Mon 28th Oct to Fri 1st Nov
Term Ends:  Fri 20th Dec

Spring Term
Term Begins:  Mon 6th Jan
Half Term Week:  Mon 17th Feb to Fri 21st Feb
Term Ends:  Fri 4th Apr
Easter Break:  Mon 7th Apr to Mon 21st Apr

Summer Term
Term Begins:  Tues 22nd Apr
Bank Holiday:  Mon 5th May
Half Term Week:  Mon 26th May to Fri 30th May
Term Ends:  Tues 22nd July

For voluntary-aided or academy schools please contact the individual school as dates may vary.

For details of individual schools five training days, please contact the school directly as these are not the same for all schools.

Download Calendars

The calendars provide details of the start and finish dates for the school terms and half terms as well as bank holiday dates. To download the latest calendar choose the Documents section on this page and click on the year you are interested in.