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School Food

Leeds City Council are taking a very proactive approach to ensure our city provides great school meals, outstanding food and cooking education and really listens to pupils on all aspects of school food. The School Food Plan (2013) from the Department of Education is a very positive document filled with recommendations for schools, the government and many other organisations to improve all aspects of school food. This includes the quality and nutrition of school meals, teaching children how to cook healthy, savoury meals, ensuring healthy eating education is consistent throughout school and giving pupils a voice on school food. Leeds City Council are supporting schools and caterers in Leeds implement all features of the plan. See School Food Plan for more information. School meals have to meet strict School Food Standards and portion sizes to ensure children are getting all the nutrition they need, the School Food Plan has further information on this.

Support for schools from The Health & Wellbeing Service:

For professionals, teachers and governors there is a wealth of information regarding policies, procedures, toolkits, research and useful resources and links on school food. Please see http://www.schoolwellbeing.co.uk Training and support on the following School food topics is also available:

  • Up to date resources on packed lunches, school meals, pupils voice and much more!
  • Pupil voice - implementation and maintenance of School Food Ambassadors
  • Developing policies, guidance and planning
  • Cooking in the Curriculum training
  • School meals - meeting the food standards, managing universal infant free school meals, monitoring and improving meal uptake and catering contracts
  • Packed lunches
  • Breakfast clubs, break time provision and after school clubs
  • Assemblies on a range of food and healthy eating topics
  • Growing in Schools and accessing farms

Support for Families:

All Schools should have a School Food Policy, including information on school meals, food education, catering, packed lunch guidance, breakfast clubs, dietary and cultural requirements and school trips amongst others. Contact the school directly for any queries.

All children in reception and key stage 1 are eligible for a free school meal, this includes school trips. All meals have to meet School Food Standards meaning they have all the nutrition a child needs for lunch. School caterers are skilled in meeting most of children’s dietary needs. Ensure your school are doing all they can.

If you are on benefits, your child may be entitled to free school meals. Please see the Free School Meals page in the related pages section for more information on how to check if you are eligible.​​