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School Admissions Policy Consultation

Consultation on LCC Schools Admission Policy 2016 

Under the Admissions code, admitting authorities are required to consult on any proposed changes to the admissions code. Leeds City Council is the admitting authority for all community and voluntary controlled schools, and is consulting on the option of the amendments described in this document. The issues are described in full, and it should not be assumed that they will be implemented. 

Consultation will run from Friday 6 Dec 2014 until Friday 30 January 2015. The result of the consultation will be considered at the Council’s Executive Board on 18 March 2015.

Papers will be public on 11 March 2015, and minutes available on 25 March. Any admitting authority schools wishing to mirror the local authority’s policy will need to reflect that decision prior to 15 April, the deadline for determination of all policies.

The draft policy and the co-ordinated arrangements which will be published on 1 January 2015 are available to download in the documents section on this page
If you would like to comment on these any of the proposed changes you can e-mail to education.admission@leeds.gov.uk or you can send them in writing to: Admissions Team, Children’s Services, PO Box 837, Leeds. LS1 9PZ.

1.Changes to reflect the move from SEN statements to IEHPs

Statements of Special Educational Needs which name a specific school that a child must attend have now been replaced by Individual Education and Healthcare Plans. These are wider ranging multi agency statements that still name a school, and carry the same requirement for that school to admit the child, but also incorporate wider health care and other agency support plans. The policy will replace reference to statements of SEN to IEHPs.​

2. Possible changes to the sibling priority

In 2014 a number of primary schools in Leeds admitted additional reception classes in order to accommodate fluctuating numbers of children seeking school places. As these were largely temporary changes to the numbers admitted, and will not be repeated again on a permanent basis, this could lead to some short term changes in the patterns of where children were admitted from, with an impact in later years on the number of siblings admitted. Whilst these ‘bulge’ cohorts were created for local children, it is possible that in a small number of cases siblings from further away may gain places ahead of those living nearer to the school. 
It is therefore appropriate to consider whether a change to the policy is required.

This would change the criteria for oversubscription as follows:
1a Children looked after or formerly looked after 
1b Pupils with SEN but not statemented
2 Those with older siblings 
3 Linked infant and junior schools 
4 Those for whom it is the nearest school 
5 Those for whom it is not their nearest school.  

Change being consulted on

1a Children looked after or formerly looked after
1b Pupils with SEN but no IEHP
2 Those with older siblings and for whom it is their nearest school 
3 Linked infant and junior schools
4 Those for whom it is the nearest school
5 Those for whom it is not their nearest school. ​​​

3. Changes to Published Admission Numbers (PANs) for Reception and Year 7

Following statutory proposals to change the size and/or nature of some schools the following PANs will change for 2016 entry:
Hollybush Primary School 60 to 90
Castleton Primary School 30 to 60

In addition, Executive Board will make a final decision on the expansion of Gledhow primary and a change of PAN from 60 to 90 in December 2014. ​

4. Changes to Published Admission Numbers for Sixth Form

Where schools seek to actively recruit to their sixth forms they are required to set an admission number. In the context of changes to sixth form funding some schools are now considering this for the first time. The community schools which are accordingly seeking to establish a PAN:
Allerton Grange School 280
Allerton High Business and Enterprise Specialist School 260
Benton Park School 182
Carr manor Community School does not recruit externally
Roundhay are currently determining their pupil admission number. ​​​

5. Changes to the wording on waiting lists to reflect an Schools Adjudicator ruling

The Office of the Schools Adjudicator has published a report of an investigation into the policy of St Urban’s Catholic Primary School. The findings noted paragraph 2.14 of the code that states that admitting authorities must make clear in their policies that each added child require the list to be ranked again in line with the published admission number. We have therefore clarified this wording in our policy.

Proposed waiting list wording: After offers have been made on 1 March for secondary and 16 April for Primary and Junior, parents can ask to go on the waiting list for any school. Waiting lists will also be held for each year group for applications outside of the admissions round. All waiting lists will be held in criteria order of the admission policy and will close on 27 July 2014 ie at the end of the academic year. All waiting lists will be ranked when new applicants have been added ahead of any allocations being made.  ​ ​

6. Changes to the Admissions Code 2014

Following consultation the government has indicated a revised Admissions code will be introduced in December 2014. Details of the changes are as follows:

The new code allows admitting authorities the option to prioritise applications from children eligble for the pupil premium or early years pupil premium. The local authority does not propose to include these changes in its policy, not least due to administrative difficulties in assessing this information at the point of application. Changes to the timetable for consultation have been reflected in the coordination arrangements.

Changes to describe how admitting authorities consider and report the consideration of requests to defer entry for summer born children are consistent with steps already taken by the local authority and the following note will be added: Deferment for summer born children. Parents of children born between 1 April and 31 August 2012 who wish to defer entry into reception until September 2017 should still apply in the normal admission round for 2015, and indicate this on their preference form, and attach any evidence of the need for deferment from any associated professionals. The parent will be invited to a panel including early years education experts and headteachers where their individual case will be considered. This will ensure the opportunity to reflect on the long term impact of that decision, and balance this against the child’s current needs. 

The final wording of the revised code has not yet been published, and any further changes to ensure compliance will be introduced once it is enacted.  ​

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