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Safeguarding adults

The Leeds Safeguarding Adults Partnership Board has arrangements in place to protect people from abuse.

Who is at risk?

An 'adult at risk' as a person:

  • 18 years or older
  • In need of extra support because of their age, disability, mental health needs, drug and alcohol misuse or other illnesses and
  • Is or may be unable to take care of themselves or protect themselves from harm

What is abuse?

Abuse can take different forms:

Physical abuse-  this may involve being hit, slapped or kicked.  It could involve being locked in a room, or being restrained inappropriately.

Sexual abuse -  involves someone being made to take part in a sexual activity when the person does not, or is not able to give their consent.

Emotional or psychological abuse -  includes being shouted at, ridiculed or bullied.  It also includes being made to feel frightened or being pressurised into decisions.

Financial or material abuse - involves the misuse, withholding or theft of someone's money or belongings.

Neglect - involves a failure to provide care that results in the person being harmed.  It might include being left with no food, or not receiving help with health or care needs.

Discriminatory abuse - involves ill treatment or harassment based on the person's age, gender, sexuality, disability, race or religious belief.

When any of these types of abuse are caused by an organisation, this is sometimes called Institutional Abuse.  

How to report abuse:

To report a crime

  • In an emergency, contact the police: Tel 999
  • If the person is not in danger now, contact the police: Tel 101

To report a safeguarding concern:

  • Contact Adult Social Care: Tel 0113 222 4401
  • Out of hours: Tel 0113 240 9536
  • Textphone for deaf and hard of hearing people: Tel 0113 222 4410

Not sure what to do?

You can get advice:

  • Safeguarding Adults Partnership Advice Line: 0113 224 3511

You can get more information about safeguarding adults

  • Leeds Safeguarding Adults Partnership website.  See external links