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Road Signs

Road signs are used as a means of informing all road users of changes to the road layout ahead and the existence of certain restrictions. Very many circumstances require signs and markings. For the sake of consistency, many signs have been drawn up by the Department for Transport  and legally enforced by Parliament.

Traffic signs come in various colours and styles, depending on the type of information they need to convey. Each sign has a specially coated front, to enhance its visibility when headlights are shone onto it.

Triangular signs are usually used for warning signs, whereas circular signs tell you what to do and rectangular signs give you information. In addition, blue signs tell you what you must do, while red rings or circles tell you what you cannot do. Please note that direction signing is an exception to this rule.

The most commonly used signs are the red warning triangle signs, for example informing the driver of a bend ahead, a school or the need to 'Give Way'. The Highway Code provides details of road signs in normal use.