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Road Closures and Diversions

For information about current live road closures please see the External links section.

If you wish to close a road or footpath or divert traffic for any reason, then a temporary traffic regulation order is required. We will arrange this notice for you at the charge stated below. Road or footpath closures or diversions of traffic or pedestrians will only be permitted where it can be demonstrated that it is impossible to carry out road works or manage events in any other way.

 If you want to apply to have a road or footpath closed please print the form 'application for temporary traffic regulation order' from the link on this page and send it to us at least six weeks before you want the closure or diversion.

If you need to allow a crane or access platform to be placed on the road you will need to fill in the 'Application to temporarily place a crane or access platform on the highway ' form as well as the temporary traffic regulation order form.

Highways Services
Middleton Ring Road
LS10 4AX
Fax: 0113 247 8428
email using the link on this page

When we receive the application we will assess it. We may need to meet with you, the police and possibly Metro depending on the request.

If the request is approved there will be a charge of between £900 and £1400 for the traffic regulation order. The traffic regulation order follows a legal process that takes a minimum of three weeks to complete. We must receive payment before this can begin.

When closing a road and diverting traffic you must provide road signs and suitable barriers in accordance with Chapter 8 of the traffic signs manual published by the Department for Transport. You will need to agree a suitable diversion route with us and the Police. Access for emergency vehicles may be needed during a road closure. The cost of erecting, maintaining and removing diversion route road signs will be the responsibility of the contractor/company organising the works.

In an emergency
If there is an emergency and the road needs to be closed to carry out urgent work or prevent a danger to road users please contact the highways help line on 0113 222 4407.​​