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Road Safety


You’ve probably heard lots in the news about the fact that the penalties for using a hand held phone whilst driving have increased. ​


The new penalties mean that motorists caught using a phone while driving receive six points on their licence and a £200 fine – up from the previous three points and £100 penalty.

So, if you get caught using your mobile whilst driving twice, you’ll accrue 12 points and face a magistrates’ court appearance, disqualification from driving and fines of up to £1,000. It also means new drivers, within two years of passing their test, run the risk of having their licence.

But, it’s not just about increased points or the fine. Watch this ‘hard hitting’ video that tells the story of the Carvin family who lost a wife/mother in a collision caused by a driver who was using their mobile phone at the time.

As harmless as it seems to make a quick call to let someone know you’re running late, or check out what’s happening on social media when you’re stuck in slow moving traffic or at the lights, those few seconds take your concentration away from the road which could result in a crash. An increased fine and penalty points may pale into insignificance when compared with having to live with the thought you’ve injured another person through your own carelessness.


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