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Road Safety

Road Safety

We aim to make Leeds’ roads safe, but drivers also have a responsibility to ensure they drive safely and legally. This is why we support and endorse national initiatives to make roads safer for everyone.

Central to make our roads safer is better education and training for people, as well as better publicity of national and local road safety campaigns. Some of the ways that we are striving to deliver safer roads include:

Education - We plan and deliver lessons to pupils in both primary and secondary schools across the district covering a wide range of road safety related topics, and provide educational resources, information and advice to the general public on all aspects of road safety.

Training - We provide a variety of training courses ranging from child pedestrian and cycle training to in-car safety training for health professionals.

Publicity - We plan and deliver most of our publicity and promotional work according to the Department for Transport, publicity campaign calendar. We also attend local galas, fun days, community events etc, and have a road safety hedgehog called Spike, who regularly makes appearances at such events and in primary schools.

Further information on these are available below in the related pages and the related documents sections, where you will also find road safety data for Leeds.
School crossing patrols
Crossing patrols provide a vital service to all pedestrians, and young people in particular, on their journey to and from schools. There are 180 crossing sites within the Leeds boundary, and the patrols are employed to ensure pedestrians cross to and from school safely.  Crossing patrols are legally empowered to stop traffic.  The Road Traffic Act now enable patrols to cross any pedestrian, not just children.

Currently vacancies exist at various locations throughout the city. The post will appeal to people who are willing to work outdoors, have a good road sense, and enjoy working with people and helping the local community. Applications are welcome from persons aged between 18-70. If you are interested or would like  more information about school crossings  please contact us using the contact us form below.​