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Request bins

Lost, stolen and damaged bins

If your bin has been lost or stolen please call 0113 222 4406 and provide us with the following information:

  • your name and address
  • colour and type of bin (e.g. hand bin, communal, wheelie bin)
  • If your bin is missing or if it has been damaged

If your bin has been damaged, we may be able to repair it. Please refer to the Bin Damage​ page for further information.

Removal of bin

If you do not use your bin and would like to have it removed please email

How long will it take to receive my replacement bin?

You may have to wait up to six weeks to receive your bin. If this is the case, please be assured that we are working hard to fulfil all requests. Until the replacement black bin arrives, please continue to present bagged waste at the kerbside on your normal collection day. If your green bin is being replaced, please use clear or green bags. If your brown bin is being replaced, until your new one arrives, you will need to take your garden waste to your local household waste sorting site, we do not collect bagged garden waste.

Do I need to pay for replacement bins?

Householders do not have to pay for replacement bins.

Additional bins

Green and black bins

If you need an extra green or black bin please call 0113 222 4406. You may need to provide the following information:

  • the number of people permanently living at the address, and the number and ages of any children
  • any special requirements your household has

Brown bin

You cannot have an additional brown bin and you should only have one if you are on a brown bin route. To find out if you are on a brown bin route use the ‘check your bin day’. If no date appears for brown bin collection then you are not on a brown bin route.

We currently collect garden waste from over 200,000 households across Leeds. Collections take place in areas with sufficiently high numbers of gardens to make the service cost-effective. We are unable to extend the service to more properties at this time; and householders who do not receive collections are asked to take their garden waste to one of our waste recycling sites​.

Hand bins

If you are on a bag collection service and would like to request a small hand bin, please call 0113 222 4406.

New bins for new builds

​If you are a builder or developer, please complete the application form in the Documents section of this page to request bins. Every request will need to be made using this form, regardless of the size of the development. Send the completed form to so that your request can be assessed and priced individually.

Please ensure you provide as much notice as possible, as delivery of bins can take up to six weeks.

If you have moved into a new build property and require a bin, contact the developer or your landlord who will order one from us. If your landlord is Leeds City Council or a related PFI scheme they need to email bin deliveries directly.


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