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Rent a garage

This page will tell you what you need to know if you want to rent a garage.
Both tenants and non-tenants can apply to rent a garage. Garages can only be used for storing a motor vehicle or motorcycle, and not for general storage, repairing vehicles or running a business (as per tenancy agreement).
How much does it cost to rent a garage?
Rents from 6 April 2015 are £7.39 per week for council tenants and £8.87 for non-council  tenants (VAT is applicable for non-Council tenants). Insurance for garages is not included in the tenants’ insurance scheme.
How are garages allocated?
Garages are allocated from a waiting list based on the following criteria:
  • Council tenants are considered before non-tenants
  • Council tenants with rents arrears on their property account will not be considered until they have paid these arrears in full;
  • Preference will be given to tenants who have a mobility vehicle;
  • Garages that are next to High Rise Flats are allocated to tenants living in these flats in the first instance;
  • Only one garage is allocated per applicant unless there are no other applicants on the waiting list for that site
  • Arrears on account - If a customer is more than four weeks in arrears with their garage rent a notice to terminate the garage tenancy can be served. If in arrears after this notice is served the locks will be changed and the tenancy ended. Tenant will also be recharged with the cost of changing the locks and removal of any items.
  • If no waiting list exists then a garage may be let on a first come first served basis.

How do I apply?
You can download an application form in the downloads section. You need to send it to your local housing office. Alternatively you can visit us at your local housing office to find out if there are any garages currently available. To find out your where your local housing office is please see the related pages section

Please note, rights to succession do not apply to garages.

What if I don’t want my garage anymore?
You need to let us know.  Notice period required for garages is seven days. Termination period for a garage plot (where customer has built own garage) is 28 days.



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