Council Tax reductions for people with disabilities
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Council Tax reductions for people with disabilities

If someone living at your address is permanently disabled, you can get this reduction if one of the following three things applies:

  • the disabled person uses a wheelchair indoors; or
  • the property has a second bathroom (not just a toilet) or a second kitchen, needed by the disabled person; or
  • the property has a room which the disabled person needs because of his/her disability.
The room must be essential or of major importance to the disabled person’s well-being because of the nature and extent of their disability. For example, this could be a room being used for storing dialysis equipment, but not a kitchen, bathroom or toilet.

How do I claim this reduction?

You can download and print a claim form. This can be handed in at a One Stop Centre or Community Hub or posted to us at Revenues Service, PO BOX 60, Leeds, LS2 8JR. Please be aware that your request may take longer to process compared to completing the form online.

How much reduction will I get?
If your claim is successful, we will reduce your Council Tax to the amount payable for a property in the band just below yours. If you are already in the lowest band, band A, we will reduce it by about 15%. 


What about stairlifts, handrails and other fixtures for disabled people?
Stairlifts, handrails and other fixtures on their own do not qualify for the reduction. One of the three things above must apply or the reduction cannot be granted. 

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