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On this page you can find out about reablement - a short intensive period of high quality care and support provided by specially trained staff. Reablement is designed to help you regain the ability and confidence to do some or all of the things you used to - whether it's cooking for yourself, bathing without help or getting to the shops. The service is for anyone 18 or over who is eligible for social care and would benefit from reablement.

There are already many services and equipment in Leeds that can help people live more independently.

These include:

  • home alarms, sensors and other technology
  • equipment
  • changes to the home environment
  • support to help people get out and about to access services and activities in their local area.
    See equipment for your home section for further information.

How do I get reablement?

If you're already receiving social care support, speak to your care manager who will be able to advise you. If you haven't used social care before, call the contact centre on 0113 222 4401. You can do this for yourself, or a friend, relative or health professional (like your GP) can do it on your behalf. If you're eligible for support, a care manager will contact you. If you're in hospital a member of staff can help arrange this for you. There is more information about Reablement in the document section of the page.

We are also developing a new service, which can help people regain some or all of their independence through intensive, targeted short-term support. The skills for independent living team (SkiLs for short) helps get people back to doing day-to-day things around the home, like cooking or bathing, which they are struggling with, for example, because of an illness or disability.

Read what people are saying about how they are living more independently in the documents section.