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Public Health Annual Report

Protecting health in Leeds the story continues…
The 2013 public health annual report is now available to download from the documents section of this page. 
Dr. Ian Cameron, Director of Public Health in Leeds describes the basis for his report below:
This year my report looks back at the birth of public health in Leeds between 1866 -1877. It sets out the similarities and differences in the challenges faced then and now. Some of the challenges are still the same, though the scale and focus has changed.
We’re still working to control infectious diseases, improve air quality, reduce infant deaths and improve school health.  Child poverty is still very much with us. So the issues that were so important in 1877 for Leeds still challenge us in new ways today.
Using real life stories and articles by professionals working in the field of health and wellbeing, my report this year shows how these issues impact on the people of Leeds. It sets out 13 key recommendations for the City Council to take forward its vital role in protecting the health of Leeds citizens.
Dr Ian Cameron, Director of Public Health
A snapshot from this year's report
Mandy lives in a back-to-back with her two children. She talks frankly about the daily struggles of being unemployed, the barriers she faces to getting a job, living on benefits and the impacts of trying to manage on limited finances.
“The things you really struggle with are the everyday things like not being able to decorate the house and not having a washing machine. Even a second-hand washing machine costs £90. If you’re on benefits, that’s not happening. I used to get a clothing allowance of £20 a year which helped with the kids’ school clothing. Now that’s stopped I’ll have to find the money from somewhere else, especially when my eldest goes to secondary school... I scour the papers and things like cereal packets for vouchers or offers. It all helps.”
You can read Mandy’s story in full in this year’s report.
For back copies of previous reports and further health and wellbeing information, visit the resources and documents section on the West Yorkshire Observatory website, the link can be found under external links on the right hand side of this page.