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Projection over a Public Highway

If you wish to construct a building or install any display/sign or other apparatus which will project or hang over any part of a public footway, verge or carriageway you will need to obtain a licence to do so from us. The licence is granted under Section 177 of the Highways Act 1980. An application is required for both temporary and permanent projections.

Anyone may apply for the licence but it is usual for the developer or owner of the building to make the application.

It is recommended you contact the Network Management team at an early stage to discuss your proposals. They will be able to advise you on issues such as minimum heights and clearance to the kerbline.

Please complete the application for a Licence to Project over the Public Highway. You must also supply relevant technical drawings which show the proposed projection in plan view and section in relation to the highway kerbline and other fixed features. Before consideration of the licence application you must demonstrate the necessary planning permission has been granted.

The current fee for the licence is £191.70 and a minimum of eight weeks notice is required to check the application and prepare the licence.

For further enquiries about fees and conditions relating to the installation of anything that is to project over the public highway please contact the Network Management team on Tel: 0113 2477526 or use the contact us form on this page.