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Private tenants

Dealing with problems in private rented accommodation.

If you have concerns about the condition of your rented house or your landlord, you can contact our private rented sector housing team.
There are further links and documents to download on this page which cover:

  • How to rent - checklist for renting in England
  • Electrical, gas and fire safety
  • Tenancies and tenancy deposits
  • Harassment and illegal eviction
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Reporting a hazard in your home
  • Advisory standards for houses in multiple occupation.
  • Condensation and mould growth
  • Saving energy
  • Council Tax and Benefits (See Related Pages)
  • Applying for council housing
  • Getting rid of unwanted items

Have you told your landlord about the problem?

Before you contact us, make sure that your landlord knows what the problem is and you have given them enough time to sort it out​

What if my repair is urgent?

If you have an urgent repair for example a defective central heating boiler or unsafe gas/electrics and your landlord isn’t dealing promptly with your request then use the contact us section on this page and we will investigate the issues you raise.​

How can the council help you?

Our service deals with the condition and safety of privately rented property. We look at repairs, maintenance and the safety of the property. We don't cover tenancy issues; non-return of deposits; quality issues or tenants who wish to be re-housed. There are links in the Related pages section to other  areas of the council which may be able to help with these matters. ​​​

What if my landlord is a UNIPOL/Leeds Accredited Landlord?

If you have non-urgent matters to report and your landlord is a member of the Leeds Landlords’ Accreditation Scheme or UNIPOL you should contact the operators of these schemes by using the External Links or link below on this page. They will investigate the issues you raise.​​​​

UNIPOL advice

Will you come and inspect my property?

If your landlord has not undertaken works you have asked him/her to do, we have staff who can come out and inspect your property. If we find hazards at the property arising from disrepair we can ask the landlord to remove these and serve legal notices. ​

How can I complain about my property manager or agent?

If you are in dispute with your agent/property manager there is a property redress scheme you can contact which will help you. All property managers and managing agents by law have to be part of a property redress scheme and abide by the codes of this scheme. It is an offence for your agent not to be a member.

See the external links section on this page for information on how to check if your manager is registered and how to refer a dispute to the scheme. If you have checked and found your agent isn’t a member of one of the property redress schemes, you can report this to us and we will investigate. Use the contact us section on this page to either email or telephone us.​

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