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Private tenants

Are you having problems with your property or landlord?

We deal with the repair, maintenance and safety of privately rented property. We can take action against landlords and agents to get repairs completed. We don't deal with non-return of tenancy deposits, private tenants who want to be re-housed or housing benefits queries.

Contact us

You can email us at and can call us on 0113 378 4699.

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Click to expandHave you told your landlord about the problem?

Have you contacted your landlord? Do they know what the problem is and have you given them enough time to sort it out? Except for emergencies, we would suggest that you first speak to your landlord/agent and confirm in an email/letter your issues.

Here's a letter you can use to fill in and send to your landlord.

Remember to  keep a copy of any correspondence. Contact us if this doesn’t work.​

Click to expandWhat if my repair is urgent?

Urgent repairs can include things like no heating/hot water, unsafe gas/electrics, burst water pipes etc.  If you’ve told your landlord and they’re not doing anything about it use the contact us section on this page and we will investigate.​

Click to expandWhat if my landlord is a UNIPOL/Leeds Rental Standard member?

If you have non-urgent matters to report and your landlord is a member of the Leeds Rental Standard or UNIPOL you should contact the operators of these schemes They will investigate complaints about your property/landlord.​​​

Click to expandWill you come and inspect my property?

If your landlord has not done the works you have asked them to do, we have staff who can inspect your property. If we find hazards arising from disrepair we can ask the landlord to undertake works and serve legal notices to get these done.  

Use the contact us section on this page and we will telephone you for more details about your complaint. For non-urgent matters we usually give the landlord an opportunity to sort things out informally before we inspect. ​

Click to expandHow can I complain about my property manager or agent?

From October 2014, all property managers and managing agents have to be part of a Property Redress Scheme and abide by the rules of this scheme. Check the scheme to see if your landlord/agent is a member. 

If you have checked and found your agent isn’t a member use the contact us section on this page to tell us. We can issue a penalty notice for £5,000 to anyone who needs to be a member but is not registered.

If you are in dispute with an agent/property manager who is registered with a scheme, simply find out which Property Redress Scheme they belong to and report your problems to the scheme. They will help you sort it out. ​

Click to expandI'm having problems getting my tenancy deposit back

If you’re having problems with your tenancy deposit you can contact the Tenancy Deposit Scheme. 

Click to expandMy landlord wants to evict me what can I do?

For tenancies created after 1 October 2015, landlords have to do certain things before they can evict you. Read about changes in the law (opens as a PDF) which help to protect tenants facing eviction. You can also contact our Housing Options Team who can help you.​

Click to expandWhat should I do if I am homeless?

Contact our Housing Options Team telephone:  0113 222 4412.  If you are homeless in an emergency and it is out of office hours we operate an emergency service which you can access by telephoning 07891 273939. The number is active from 5pm to 8am each weeknight and weekends.  ​

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