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People in prison, on remand or held in hospital

You can get a discount if a person who normally lives at this address is:

  • on remand, or in prison for a crime other than non-payment of Council Tax or of a fine;
  • being held in a hospital or other place on mental health grounds as a result of a court order;
  • being held under Immigration law.

You cannot get the discount if the person is in police custody before a first appearance in court.

Does an exemption apply?

Sometimes - if the person qualifying for the discount is the liable person and nobody else lives in the property, then an exemption from Council Tax applies.

How to claim this discount or exemption

To claim either the discount or the exemption, go to the Documents section and download the claim form.

In line with Data Protection law, we may use information you give us to prevent or detect fraud or other crimes.  We may also share it with other council services or public organisations if they need it in order to carry out their legal duties.