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Physical impairment services

The Leeds Physical Impairment Service

This service helps people with physical impairments and/or head injuries to live independently and to take part in social and therapeutic activities within the community. 

​About us
• We have built a national reputation for providing quality services and support to help disabled people to increase their independence, opportunities and life choices.
• We work with each person individually to make sure they get the support needed. We want people to have a fulfilling life, able to achieve their goals and to live somewhere they feel safe. 

• We want all our services to be accessible to all groups of socially excluded and vulnerable people, irrespective of gender, sexuality, disability, ethnic origin and religious beliefs.

• We want to involve the people who use our services in the planning and delivery of care and support. For example, anyone can join the User-Involvement Committee which meets once a month, or attend meetings within the council teams to help us in our day-to-day work by giving feedback on the quality of the service.

 “We get treated like a person first rather than looking at what our disability is”

Osmondthorpe Hub

What is the Osmondthorpe Hub?

The hub helps anyone with a physical impairment and/or brain injury.  It offers a variety of activities with the hub and can also help to build confidence and promote independence so that people can visit other places. People who attend the hub can learn new skills, join support groups, socialise, be creative or simply have fun. Each person using the service is supported through consultation to identify an individual programme that best meets their needs and has realistic outcomes. The centre has been built on meeting individuals’ needs and a collaborative working relationship with numerous partner agencies.

The aims of the hub is to support and empower the people using the service to have greater independence, personal choice and control over their life. They work towards a social model approach, challenging barriers, attitudes and institutional structures. 

Who is the service for?
The service is for adults over 18 who have a physical impairment and/or brain injury. 

How do I access the service?
All referrals must be made from a social worker.

Contact for referrals:
Osmondthorpe Hub, Osmondthorpe Lane, Leeds LS9 6NR
Tel: 0113 378 2860

“We have so much choice and variety of activities and education courses”

“We get the right level of support from staff at the centre”

“Volunteering gives you a chance to be part of a community. If it wasn’t for the their support then it wouldn’t be possible”​​