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Pets and animals

If you are a council tenant this page will help you to understand your responsibilities and acceptable standards of behaviour if you keep pets in your home. Prospective tenants will be advised of any restrictions on keeping pets and animals when a property is offered to them.

Permitted pets

You can keep  small domestic pets (such as: rabbits, rodents, fish and caged birds) and a maximum of two dogs and two cats is permitted in a council home. You must keep animals in a responsible manner and  exercise control of them at all times. 

Restrictions on animals

Animals we would exclude are:

  • wild animals
  • livestock
  • poultry and other animals which we consider to be a danger

This would include animals defined as dangerous through legislation such as breeds of dog which have been included on the Dangerous Dogs Register by the Police.

If an animal that you keep causes a nuisance; annoys or frightens other people or damages council property, then you may no longer be allowed to keep the animal at the property. In some cases it could lead to you losing your home.

Properties where you cannot keep animals

For the comfort and safety of all tenants there are some properties where it is forbidden to keep animals. These are mainly homes which have a communal access, such as flats, maisonettes and certain sheltered accommodation schemes.


Permission to keep pigeons will only be given to tenants who are members of the Royal Racing Pigeon Society.


Support Dogs - exempt from restrictions

Support Dogs are recognised as being an essential aid to people with disabilities and are exempt from the above restrictions.


Failure to comply with this policy may result in a breach of your tenancy agreement  and you could be at the risk of losing your home. 

The Pets Policy can be found in the Documents section.