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Personal work support programme

If you are claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance and have been claiming Council Tax support for 26 weeks or more, you will be offered a place on the personal work support programme. You will have to complete this programme to keep receiving Council Tax support unless you’re part of one of the exempt or protected groups​​.


You will be required to complete five review appointments with one of our employment advisors who are able to support all aspects of looking for work which includes:-​

  • Help to update your CV
  • Advice and support for applying for vacancies online
  • Advice on how to find the type of work you are looking for
  • The latest job vacancy information
  • Free access to our computers
  • Help with any health, money, benefit or housing concerns that you may have

To book an appointment with an advisor, please call 0113 222 4404.

You can find further information on the package of support available in our Council Tax Support for Jobseekers leaflet (PDF 223KB)​​.


Click to expandWhat will happen if I don’t take part in the programme?

If you do not take up the support programme you will lose your Council Tax support, and will receive a new Council Tax bill, and have more to pay.​

Click to expandI have already made a work plan with my work coach at Jobcentre Plus why do I need a personal work support programme?

The work plan, which you made with the Jobcentre Plus, will be the main focus of the meetings with your employment advisor. They will talk through the actions in your plan and look at how we can support you, to ensure that you continue to meet your claimant commitment. They will never suggest any activities that duplicate or conflict with actions in your Jobcentre Plus work plan.​

Click to expandI don’t think that I need extra help from the council – can I still get Council Tax support?

No – to continue to receive Council Tax support you will need to complete review five appointments with an employment advisor. At the meetings you can discuss your personal needs and agree your individual work support package. Not everyone will need the same amount or type of support. There is no limit on the amount of help that can be offered and there is no minimum level of activity. Provided that you agree a plan with your employment advisor and carry out the agreed actions you will continue to receive Council Tax support.​

Click to expandWhat if I disagree with the decision about my Council Tax support?

If you believe you cannot take part in the personal work support programme you should write or e-mail within one month of receipt of your decision letter. Please state your claim number and a day time telephone number and provide your reasons why.

Postal address: Leeds Benefit Service, Selectapost 15, Leeds, LS2 8BA

E-mail address:

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