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People who are severely mentally-impaired

When can a discount apply?
A discount will only apply where the mentally-impaired person lives in the property as their main home. If two or more adults live there besides the mentally-impaired person, a discount will not normally apply (unless all the other people - or all but one of them - fall into a discount class themselves).
Who will qualify?
To qualify for this discount, all of the following points must apply:
  • the person must have a severe impairment of intelligence and social functioning which appears to be permanent;
  • a registered medical practitioner (such as his or her doctor) must confirm this by filling in part B on the back of the claim form;
  • the mentally-impaired person must be entitled to one of the benefits below (or would be entitled if they were not of pensionable age, or if their partner was not getting a premium in their Job Seeker’s Allowance for them):
            - Incapacity Benefit
            - A Constant Attendance Allowance
            - A Severe Disablement Allowance
            - Care component of a Disability Living Allowance, paid at the highest
               or middle rate
            - An Unemployability Supplement
            - An increase in the rate of Disablement Pension
            - An Unemployability Allowance
            - Income Support where applicable amount includes disability premium
            - The disability element of Working Tax Credit
            - An Attendance Allowance
            - Employment & Support Allowance

When does an exemption apply?
If all the residents in a property qualify for the discount, and they would usually be liable for the property, then an exemption from Council Tax applies.   If someone else is the liable person though, (for example, the property is a house in multiple occupation so the non-resident owner is liable) then an exemption cannot apply – only a 50% discount will apply, due to all the residents being ‘disregarded’ or not counted.

Can mentally-impaired people be held responsible for the Council Tax?
Severely mentally-impaired people cannot be held jointly and severally liable with non-impaired people.  This means that where, for example,  a husband and wife live together and one of them qualifies for the discount, the other one will be the sole liable person.   But if a mentally-impaired mother was the sole owner of the property and lived there with her non-impaired grown-up son, the mother would actually be liable for the Council Tax bill.
How to claim the discount or exemption
Go to the the Documents section and download the claim form.
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