Paying for Adult Social Care services
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Paying for Adult Social Care services

How do I know if I can get support from Adult Social Care? 

The Care Act 2014 states there will be a national level of care and support needs that all councils will consider.

To find out if you’re eligible for support, you will need to contact us to request an assessment.

Please call us on 0113 222 4401​

An assessment is a discussion between you (or the person you look after if you are a carer) and a trained person either from the council or another organisation that the council works with. You will talk about your care and support needs and the goals you want to achieve to maintain your wellbeing. 

If you have eligible needs, we will contact you to discuss what help might be available. This will be based on the information you gave us during your assessment.

If you do not have needs that are eligible, we will give you information and advice about what care and support is available to help you locally in Leeds. This could be met by something going on in your local community or services organised by local charities or other support networks (non-residential care). Your care needs may also be met in a residential setting.

I have been assessed as having eligible needs. What services are available?

A care manager has looked at how we can help and support you to meet your eligible needs. Your needs can be met by either residential care or non-residential care. 

You will be required to have a financial assessment to ascertain whether the Council can help you pay for the services you need.

What if I cannot manage my own finances?​

You may want help with dealing with your finances. If this is the case you can apply for Power of Attorney for a nominated individual.

If you need to manage the finances of someone who lacks mental capacity you will need to apply to the Courts for Legal Representation. There are two different types: 

Where a client lacks mental capacity and there is no Legal Representative the Council cannot undertake a financial assessment. 

Independent financial advice

These are independent organisations and services you can go to for financial advice. If we think you may benefit from independent financial advice, we will help you by referring you to services in Leeds.

Where can I go to get independent financial advice?

There are lots of services both nationally and in Leeds that can give you independent financial advice, such as: 
  • The Money Advice Service set up by the Government gives free and impartial money advice.
  • Find more services offering independent financial advice on the Leeds Directory or call their helpline on 0113 391 8333.

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