Older People’s Housing with Care Prospectus
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Older People’s Housing with Care Prospectus


The number of older people in Leeds is growing and by 2020 it is estimated that those most in need of care and support, mainly older people aged 75 plus, will increase by around 13%.

We recognise that a change is required to how services for older people are delivered with an emphasis on better lives through the provision of specialist housing.

An Older People’s Housing with Care Prospectus has been produced to encourage and stimulate the development of specialist older people’s accommodation. By specialist accommodation we mean Extra Care, care beds with nursing and care beds without nursing.

The objective of the prospectus is to ensure that there is a mix of accommodation provided to meet need and choice across a range of tenures; for rent, shared ownership and sale. It will aim to meet a wide range of aspirations across a variety of localised housing markets by ensuring a mix of public and private delivery.

The prospectus will be refreshed on a periodic basis to update the current and projected figures to ensure that the latest area based profiles are available to inform any future development proposals.

Contact us

You can contact us at HousingGrowthTeam@leeds.gov.uk or on 0113 247 4227.​​

Click to expandWho is this development aimed at?


The page is aimed at promoting an Older People’s Housing with Care Prospectus which is focussed at encouraging developers and Registered Providers who have a potential interest in developing older people’s specialist accommodation in Leeds. The prospectus was approved by the Executive Board on 18th November 2015.​

Click to expandWhat business goals/outcomes will this development achieve?

It is hoped that the web presence of the prospectus will support the development of new housing opportunities to meet need as outlined within the prospectus and accompanying Exec Board report.

The web page will be used as a tool to promote the prospectus and link to opportunities on the Council owned land and property for sale page. The document will be live and refreshed on a periodic basis to update demand figures.

The production of the Older People’s Housing Prospectus contributes towards the following Best Council Plan 2015-20 objectives:

  • Promoting sustainable and inclusive economic growth
  • Delivering the Better Lives programme

The delivery of new housing for older people as promoted through the prospectus projects will also contribute towards the following breakthrough projects:

  • Housing growth and high standards in all sectors
  • Making Leeds the best place to grow old in

Click to expandDo you have any baseline figures to support the case for this development?

Yes – there are 10 locality based profiles included in the prospectus highlighting the need for this type of housing development, so the need for this request is easy to evidence. Some key figures of note:

  • From current demand forecasts there is an estimated shortfall of over 600 Extra Care units, rising to over 1,000 by 2028
  • At present, there is an undersupply of nearly 500 care beds with nursing, which is projected to rise by 2028 to nearly 1,400
  • With regards to care beds without nursing, figures indicate that there is current and future sufficient provision across the city – at present there is an oversupply of over 700 beds, rising to over 1,000 in 2028

Click to expandWho needs to be involved in the decision making?

​​Executive Board approved the content of the Prospectus on 18th November 2015.

Executive Members for Regeneration, Transport & Planning and Health, Wellbeing & Adults have been consulted as part of the drafting of the Older People’s Housing Prospectus.

The Directors of City Development and Adult Social Services are also supportive of the document.

Specific older people’s groups have also been engaged with as part of the development process.

Click to expandHow will you communicate the change to the target audience?


The Council has an approved framework of Registered Providers who will be sent a link to the web page promoting the prospectus. A number of other specialist housing providers will also be sent this detail. As and when approaches are made to the Council regarding provision of older people’s housing, they will be directed to web content for further details on the Council’s approach to meeting this housing need.​

Click to expandWho will provide information/content for this development?

​​Sarah May, Principal Regeneration Officer (sarah.may@leeds.gov.uk) will provide any further information required and keep the page and attachments updated on a regular basis.​​

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