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Non-British spouses or dependants of full-time students

If a full-time student has a non-British husband or wife or civil partner who holds a visa, we may be able to grant a discount, but it depends on the terms of their visa. To get the discount, the visa must prevent the person from:

  • taking paid employment in the UK or
  • claiming benefits in the UK.

The discount may also apply to dependants, and to those who are not married but are living together as husband and wife or civil partners.

Does an exemption apply?

Sometimes - if a person gets the discount and is the only non-student living at an address where all the other residents are students, an exemption will apply. This means there will be no Council Tax to pay at all.

How to claim this discount or exemption

If you would like to claim this discount, go to the downloads section and download the application form.

In line with Data Protection law, we may use information you give us to prevent or detect fraud or other crimes.  We may also share it with other Council services or public organisations if they need it in order to carry out their legal duties.