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New Generation Transport

Metro and Leeds City Council are working in partnership to develop a trolleybus-based rapid transit system for Leeds known as NGT (New Generation Transport).

The NGT scheme represents a major investment in the city of Leeds and is seeking to provide a high quality transport system that will help support the Leeds’ economy and improve the local environment by helping to address congestion.  It aims, along with other transport and public transport measures, to provide a step change in the way public transport operates within the city.

NGT would mean modern, accessible vehicles providing reliable, comfortable and frequent journeys into the city centre from park & ride sites located on the outskirts of Leeds.

The public enquiry into NGT finished on 31 October 2014 after sitting for 72 days. Once a decision has been made by the Secretary of State for Transport and Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government details will be published on this page.  


The routes being developed incorporate two linked radial routes totalling 14km

  • North Leeds – City Centre to Headingley along the A660 to a park and ride site at Bodington, and on to the Holt Park District Centre
  • South Leeds – City Centre through Hunslet to a park and ride site at Stourton
    There is also scope for future extensions and alignments to the Easel and Aire Valley regeneration areas as well as west Leeds, although these do not form part of the current funding allocation and design work.

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