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New bin service

As part of our commitment to increasing recycling and reducing the amount of rubbish going to landfill, we are extending our new bin service to more homes in Leeds. If you are affected by the change in service you will have received an information pack through the post which provides all the details of your new bin collection dates. 

From 28 July 2014 all suitable properties in the following areas will receive a new bin service:
  • Crossgates and Whinmoor, 
  • Killingbeck, 
  • Seacroft 
  • Temple Newsam 
Plus some suitable properties in
  • Burmantofts and Richmond Hill, 
  • Gipton, 
  • Harehills and 
  • Roundhay. 

This is the third phase of our successful new bin service, meaning 60% of Leeds homes will be receiving the service.  It’s expected that the remaining suitable properties across the city will receive the new bin service in early 2015.

If your home is in the new service area, get ready for the new bin service by making sure you have: 
  • a black bin (or black bags, if you use them) 
  • a green bin (or green bags, if you use them)
If you need a bin, visit the new or replacement bins related page and leave us a message.
In most cases, each household should have one green bin and one black bin. Any surplus bins will be removed as part of service improvements.​​​​​

What if I live in the affected areas, but have not received an information pack?

If you think you will be affected but have not received an information pack in the past few days, you can use the check your bin day tool. This will show you the collection days of your bins for the next couple of months. If this shows the same collection days as you currently receive, then your home is not affected by these changes, and you should continue to put out your bins (or bags) as you currently do.​

Check your bin day

What is the new bin service?

One week we empty green bins and bags, and on the same day the following week, we empty the black bin or bag. By recycling correctly, householders reduce the amount of rubbish going into their black bin. This saves money on landfill disposal costs and cuts down on the production of greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

These alternate weekly collections are already proving successful. Residents are now sorting their recyclable items better, using their green bins more, and reducing the amount of rubbish they put into their black bins. Over the year, this has saved more than £500,000 in landfill disposal costs for improvements and other local services. See the documents section for more information​

How can I find out more?

The council’s team of expert recycling advisers will be running information sessions and providing face-to-face support. You can meet the advisers on:

Saturday 2 August, 1pm to 4pm at the Swarcliffe Gala, St Gregory’s Youth and Adult Centre, Stanks Gardens, Swarcliffe​

Saturday 16 August, 9am to 12.30 pm at the Oakwood Clock, Oakwood Farmers Market, Roundhay Road, Oakwood​ ​​​​​​

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