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Nationality checking service

If you are applying for British citizenship we can:
  • check that your application form has been filled in correctly
  • copy and certify your original documents
  • send it for you to the Home Office by secure mail.

Booking an appointment for Nationality checking service:

If you would like to book an appointment, please call 0113 222 4408 and select the option for Nationality checking service.

Please ensure you leave your full name and the telephone number where we can contact you and a qualified advisor will call you back within 10 working days to book your appointment.

What is the Nationality Checking Service?

The Nationality checking service will check your application form after you have filled in the form. We will copy your documents and certify them so you don't need to send the original documents. We will send your application form to the Home Office using secure mail.​

What does it cost to have my application form checked?

Checking fee:

£80 for each adult application
£40 fo reach child application

You will need to pay the checking fee when we call you back to make your appointment. This is a non-refundable fee.​

What does it cost to apply for British Citizenship?

​You will also need to pay the Home Office for processing your application. More information about Home Office fees can be found using the External links section on this page.

We will send your payment to the Home Office with your application.

Home Office fees must be paid by either a debit or credit card or a cheque made payable to: The Accounting Officer, Home Office.

We cannot send cash to the Home Office.

What documents do I need to take to my appointment?

You need to bring with you:
-your British Citizenship application form
-the supporting documents, more information can be found in the external link section 
- method of payment such as debit or credit card or cheque book to pay the Home office for processing your application 

UK Visa forms information

Where will my appointment be?

Your appointment will be at:

Leeds Register Office
City Centre One Stop Centre
2 Great George Street

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