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Maintenance Of Roads and Footways - Potholes

How do I report a pothole?

  • Contact us by telephone or  email as displayed on this page alternatively you can use the contact us form below

 Please remember the contact centre is open Monday to Friday between 08:00 - 18:00. Please be aware that Monday morning is the busiest time at the contact centre.

The contact centre will record your report on our system. A depot team will be sent to investigate.

A pothole forms where the surface of the road has failed and a hollow has appeared in the road surface.

What causes a pothole?

  • Large vehicles for example buses and lorries, place the road surface under stress due to their weight.
  • Gas, electricity and other utility companies who dig up the road to make repairs. Although their work is essential, it can weaken the structure of the road and increase the risk of potholes forming.
  • Weathering. The combined action of the sun, rain and frost over time contracts and expands the tarmac from which the road is constructed. This causes the road structure to weaken and allows potholes to form.

A pothole can increase the risk of vehicle damage. They are not a major hazard by themselves, however, if left, they can get bigger and become dangerous.

How are potholes repaired?

Our depot teams will usually repair all reported potholes and any others identified from our own highway inspections. If the pothole is severe and requires special attention, they will make it safe and report back to the depot for further attention to the road and surrounding area.

A pothole is repaired by ‘patching’. This is where new tarmac is used to fill the hollow.

To report a defect by phone, please get in touch with our contact centre on 0113 222 4407

Emails can be directed to highways@leeds.gov.uk

Alternatively, please use the contact us form below.