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Locality working in Leeds

We are organised into three Area Teams that cover the city, East North East, West North West and South East. We bring everybody together (community, councillors and partners) and give you an opportunity to help influence the way we do things in local neighbourhoods and make things work better.

Our role is to support the ten area committees, which are made up of councillors, to make sure that your priorities in your local area are identified and that our services work in ways to meet your needs.

We do this by talking to local people and organisations in order to formulate a plan of action for each part of the city, based on the boundaries of the Area Committees. This plan sets out the priorities for the area, based on local information.  We put more intensive support into those parts of the city which are in greatest need, our priority neighbourhoods, and have developed more detailed neighbourhood improvement plans (NIPs) for these areas.

More information about area committees is available on the Council, Committees and Boards section of the website.

Each area committee has a wellbeing fund which is used to support their priorities and is administered by the Area Teams. The wellbeing fund is used to commission projects which support the Area Committee’s priorities.

Organisations can also apply for two types of grant, small grants of up to £500 are available for smaller projects, and we give a decision on these relatively quickly. For larger projects requiring grants over £500 there is a more lengthy process because the grants have to be considered at an Area Committee meeting.

The related pages provide more information about your local team.