Information and advice for carers
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Information and advice for carers

Carers Leeds Advice Line

Carers Leeds have an experienced and dedicated staff team who provide a comprehensive information and advice service for carers. This confidential service ensures that carers have the right information, tailored to their individual needs and whatever their circumstances. The advice line can be contacted by phone on 0113 380 4300, by email or you can visit Carers Leeds Offices at 6/8 The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 6PT. You can also visit the Carers Leeds website.

Carers Leeds also produce a regular newsletter which has lots of helpful information for carers. You can ring the advice line on 0113 380 4300 and ask to receive the newsletter or you can register on-line.

Finance and Benefits

As a carer you may be able to claim several benefits, and receiving one can mean you qualify for others. The main benefit for carers is Carer's Allowance. Carers Allowance is a benefit which is only available under certain circumstances. You must spend at least 35 hours a week caring for a person who receives either Attendance Allowance or Disability Allowance at middle rate or highest rate.

Carers Leeds Advice Line can give advice on benefits related to caring and disability issues including help with the completion of forms and assistance in dealing with any problems that may arise in your caring role. The advice line can be contacted by phone on 0113 380 4300, by email at or you can visit the Carers Leeds website.

You can also contact:

Citizens Advice Bureau on 0844 477 4788 (Mon-Fri 9-5)
Leeds City Council Welfare Benefits Service on 0113 376 0452 (Mon-Fri 9-5)

Up to date information about benefits is available on the Government website.

Carer Support Groups

Carers Leeds organise events, social support and peer support and coordinate over 30 Carers Support Groups across Leeds.

Carer Support Groups can provide an opportunity for carers to talk to other carers, to share experiences and to support one-another.

For up to date information about Carers Support Groups, ring the Carers Leeds Advice Line on 0113 380 4300.

Further information for carers

The section below provides support information for carers of people with various needs.


Click to expandInformation for carers of black and ethnic minority

African Carribbean Carers Group tel 0113 262 2861, Yvette Martin, Frederick Hurdle Centre, Chapeltown Rd, LS8 3EZ

Irish Carers Group tel 0113 2625614, Unit 5 Gemini Park, Sheepscar Way, LS7 3JB

Umeed Carer Group (HOPE) specifically for Asian parents/carers of people with learning disabilities- various activities, health related workshops and leisure activities, tel 0113 47 0411 c/o People in Action, Oxford Chambers, Oxford Place, LS1 3AX

Muslim Women’s Association tel: 0113 262 3221 42 Roxholme Place, LS7 4JQ

Ramagarhia Board tel: 0113 262 5427, 8-10 Chapeltown Road, LS7 3AP

Irish Health and Homes tel: 0113 262 5614, Unit 5 Gemini Park, Sheepscar Way, LS7 3JB.

There are a number of day centres that provide culturally sensitive daytime activities for elderly people who come from minority ethnic communities including the following:

Frederick Hurdle Day Centre used by African and Carribbean communities and also as a carers’ group. Tel 0113 262 2861, Reginald Terrace Chapeltown Roas, LS7 3EZ

There are a number of specialist services for carers looking after someone with a mental health issues, that cater for the black or minority ethnic community.

Touchstone Support Centre tel 0113 271 8277, 2-4 Middleton Crescent, LS11 6JU (also tel 0113 291 2727) 53-55 Harehills Avenue LS8 4EX where there is a carer’s group)

Leeds Black Elders tel: 0113 237 4332, 180 Chapeltown Road, LS7 4HP​​​

Click to expandInformation for carers of people with Dementia

The Dementia Hub at Carers Leeds can provide specialist information and advice, individual and group support and training for carers. For more information contact the Dementia Hub on 0113 380 4307.

You can also find information about local services of people with dementia and their carers at the Adults and Health dementia webpage linked below.


Dementia care

Click to expandInformation for carers of adults with a substance dependency

Carers Leeds have produced a booklet called “What About You” which contains details of local and national websites, help lines and services. The booklet is avaiable by clicking the link below.

Carers Leeds also run monthly support groups for carers of people who have problems with drug or alcohol use. They can be contacted on 0113 380 4300 or by e-mail at​​​

"What About You" booklet (PDF 598KB)

Click to expandInformation for carers of adults with HIV

Leeds Skyline provides support for all people, families and carers who are living with or affected by HIV/AIDS.
0113 244 9767
4th Floor Gallery House, 131 The Headrow, LS1 5RD

Breakaway scheme from social care, gives carers of people wth HIV a chance to have a break from their responsibilities for a short period: 0113 247 8658

Other services for people and their families affected by HIV

Leeds centre for sexual health

Is an outpatient clinic specialising in sexual health services. The service includes investigating and treating all sexually transmitted infections incuding HIV and AIDS, sexual health advice, information and counselling available. No age limit. Telephone for appointments.

0113 392 6724 or 0113 393 6725

The haematology day unit

Advice, support and social work services, HIV testing and medical care for adults.
0113 206 4538 (direct line)

HIV and mental health clinical nurse specialist

Offers mental health assessment and interventions for adults experiencing HIV and mental health problems, and who are under the care of a Leeds physician. Service provided for inpatients, outpatients and in the community. Advice, consultation and information on HIV related mental health issues.

0113 392 3139
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Infection and travel medicine unit

Services for people affected by HIV infection, out patient service, day care,in-patient care, counselling, support service and testing. Clinical nurse specialist for HIV provides nursing care to HIV positive parents.

Tel: 0113 206 4358 or 0113 206 4510 (direct line)

HIV dietician

The dietician can offer advice on food safety, eating well on a limited budget and vitamin supplements.

Nutrition and Dietetics Department, Parkside Community Health Care
0113 295 2863
311 Dewsbury Rd, Beeston, Leeds, LS11 5LQ ​​

Click to expandInformation for carers of people with learning disability

You can find information about local services for people with learning disability at the Adults and Health webpage linked below.

‘Through the Maze’ is a website which has lots of information for people with a learning disability , their families, carers and professionals. You can access 'Through the Maze' by clicking the second link below.​​​​​

Learning Disability Community Support Service (LDCSS)

'Through the Maze'

Click to expandInformation for carers of adults with sensory impairments

The onset of sensory impairment may be gradual, or it may be as the result of a trauma or illness. Whatever the circumstances, adapting to life brings uncertainty and challenges and requires varying degrees of care. Below are organisations in Leeds that provide support and advice to carers and to the sensory impaired person they care for.

Resource Centre for Blind and Partially Sighted People provides advice, information and support, venue for meetings, self help and campaigning groups.
Phone: 0113 3862888
RNIB is part of the Leeds Vision Consortium (see below)

D.A.L.E.S – Deaf Across Leeds Enablement Service

Helps adults aged 18+ who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing or Deafblind whose hearing loss causes difficulty for independent living.

City centre address: Fairfax House, first floor, Merrion Street, Leeds, LS2 8JU
Phone (voice): 0113 288 5750
Minicom: 0113 288 5758
Fax: 0113 288 5759
Mobile: 07702 940888

Leeds Vision Consortium

Service and support for blind people and those with Dual sensory loss and partially sighted adults.

Leeds Vision Consortium, Fairfax House, Merrion St, Leeds, LS2 1UR
0113 3862 888

Click to expandInformation for carers of adults with physical disabilities

There are a number of services in Leeds to support people with a physical disability and their carers, listed below.
Carers Leeds provide a confidential support and information service to all carers, support groups and regular social and leisure activities and much more.

Tel: 0113 246 8338
Drop in centre: 6-8 The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 6PT
Tuesday to Friday 9:30am to 4:30pm

Resource centres: A place to socialise or learn new skills and hobbies and offer advice and support. Transport can be provided if necessary.

Osmondthorpe Hub, Osmondthorpe Lane, Leeds LS9 9EF Tel: 0113 378 2858
Holt Park Active, Holtdale Approach, Leeds, LS16 7RX
Tel: 0113 378 1301​

Click to expandInformation for carers of people with a mental health problem

Leeds and York Partnership Foundation Trust work in partnership with Carers Leeds to provide support for carers of people with a mental health problem. You can find information about the services to support carers by clicking the link below.

Leeds and York Partnership Foundation Trust

Click to expandInformation for carers of people with autism

Autism Leeds is an information site for adults with autism and aspergers, their carers and professionals in the Leeds area. It provides a directory of local services with links to their web sites so you know where to go for more information. It also provides documents on local autism plans and how to get involved, general information, training links and an events page.​​

Click to expandInformation for carers about palliative care

You can find information about Palliative Care at the Adults and Health webpage linked below.​​​​

Palliative Care

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