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Home Improvement Assistance

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live in a decent home but recognise some home owners find it difficult to maintain their homes.

We have developed a package of assistance to help the most vulnerable people overcome these obstacles and to live in a home that is safe, warm, waterproof and that has suitably modern facilities.

Two levels of assistance are available to home owners depending on their circumstances:

Level 1 assistance is available to all applicants across the city and includes advice on maintenance issues.
Further information on this can be obtained by clicking in the Documents section on this page.

Level 2 assistance is available in the form of a Home Improvement Assistance Loan. This is dependant on how much equity there is in the property. This will only be offered to vulnerable applicants who are on low incomes or are in receipt of certain benefits and fall within the necessary criteria.
An electronic version of the Home Improvement Assistance Loan application form can be downloaded from the Documents section on this page.

Please note that grants for improving your home are no longer available.

Contact us

For more information, or to contact us in relation to issues with any previous grant work including grants given under a Group Repair scheme or under the Aviaries Asbestos removal scheme in Armley, then please contact us at

Leeds City Council, HIA Team
Knowsthorpe Gate, Cross Green, Leeds, LS9 0NP

Telephone 0113 378 4702

Older people, people on low income or people with disabilities may be able to obtain extra help from Care & Repair (Leeds)

Click to expandAre any grants available to help me improve my home?

There are no grants now available to help with home improvement. Assistance is offered through advice (level 1 assistance) and through the offer of a Home Improvement Assistance Loan which is available to vulnerable owner occupiers who have equity in their home and who are on low incomes or are in receipt of certain benefits and fall within the necessary criteria.

Click to expandWhat is equity?

Equity is the value of your home less any money owing on it such as a mortgage or loan.

Click to expandWhat will it cost me to apply for a loan?

There are fees to be paid on the loan process which are included in the final amount of loan offered. However, if you have reached the end of the process and decide not to go ahead with the loan, you will have to pay fees that you may have incurred.

Click to expandWhat size of loan can I have?

​What you can borrow is an amount to cover essential repairs and improvements to your home as agreed by the Council. The amount we lend you will take account of any debts you have already secured on your home, and on the value of your home. We’ll make sure wherever possible that your total secured debt, including our loan, leaves you with a reasonable amount of equity. Usually we’ll lend no more than £15,000 plus fees. However, we’ll always look at your circumstances to decide how much your loan should be.​

Click to expandWill the loan be paid directly to me?

No, the money will be paid to your chosen contractor when we’re happy that they have finished the work to an acceptable standard.

Click to expandHow Will I know that my home has been valued fairly?

We use a qualified valuer to assess your home’s market value.

Click to expandDo I have to pay interest on the loan?

Yes, there is interest to be paid on a loan. The facts and figures of the loan and interest to be paid will be fully explained by a visiting officer.

Click to expandWhat happens if my home falls in value?

If this happens, you will pay back the original loan amount plus simple interest agreed at the time the loan was taken out.​

Click to expandCan I repay my loan before I sell my home?

Yes, you can repay the loan in full at any time. We’ll arrange a valuation and work out how much you should repay.

Click to expandWill I need building insurance?

Yes, your home must be covered by building insurance for the entire period until the loan is repaid.

Click to expandCan I move home after receiving a loan?

Yes, but you must repay the loan when you sell your home.

Click to expandShould I get independent financial and legal advice?

Yes, we recommend that you get independent professional advice to help you decide if this is the best solution for you.

Click to expandWhat will happen to my family's inheritance after I die?

You should discuss this with your family. We can meet with you and your family to explain the loan.

Click to expandWhat if I have other secured borrowing on my home?

You should discuss this with your family. We can meet with you and your family to explain the loan.

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