Highways Maintenance Policy and Strategy
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Highways Maintenance Policy and Strategy

Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Strategy

The highway network is the highest value infrastructure asset owned by Leeds City Council. In 2015 this was valued in excess of £6.4 billion. Our Highways Infrastructure Asset Management Strategy describes the process of asset management, and sets out a strategy for managing and maintaining the city's highway infrastructure to deliver operational efficiencies and value for money. It is formally reviewed on an annual basis.

Highway Maintenance Policy

The highway network is provided for the benefit of the public who use the network to go about their daily lives. 

As a highway authority, we have a statutory duty to maintain the highway. The Highway Maintenance Policy sets out how we respond and defines the levels of service which enable us to:

  • ensure that operational activities actively support the achievement of the councils strategic goals 
  • determine if adequate focus is given to what is important to the customer
  • evaluate priorities and value for money
  • document and measure the service provided.

Communications and Stakeholder Engagement

We recognise that effective communication with its key stakeholders at various stages in the asset management and highway maintenance process is essential. To advise and give guidance on the services it provides and how customers may access them. Engagement raises public awareness of the challenges and issues that Leeds City Council, as highway authority, faces and the balances and compromises that must be made and thus helps to manage customer expectations. 

Key stakeholders within Leeds have been identified and Leeds engages with these using a variety of communication options to inform its decision making processes. For example:

  • Annual Planned Maintenance Programme
  • Stone Product Consultation
  • Works on Your Street, information pack
  • Customer Care Questionnaire

Such consultations help establish and prioritise an annual works programme based on the community’s needs taking into account the stakeholder’s most important considerations.

Highways Communication Strategy

This strategy will aim to raise awareness and understanding of the council’s approach to highway maintenance. This includes the work that goes into maintaining and improving the City’s roads, pavements structures and street lighting, ensuring that all communications are timely, positive, informative and accessible. 

It will detail how we will engage with people about the City’s highways assets to ensure that they are aware of, and most importantly, are satisfied with continuing work that takes place to maintain and improve the network.  

We will share information using various methods including online, in printed media and embracing a range of new digital solutions.

See the Documents section for a copy of our Strategy and Policy​​​​​​​​​​

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