Gas, electricity and water
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Gas, electricity and water

Burst pipes, electricity supply failure and heating breakdowns with no other form of heat qualify as emergency repairs.

For details of how to report an emergency or urgent repair please see the related pages section.

If there is a total power failure, no electric or gas, first check to see that you have credit on your token meter.


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There are some boiler faults can cleared quickly by you without having to wait for an engineer. Please go to the website for your make of boiler and download the user manual for your model. Each manual will have a troubleshooting guide that is easy to follow. Common boiler makes include:


Do not attempt to remove the outer cover or repair the boiler yourself.  

If you wish to install any gas appliances you must request our permission. If permission is given the gas appliances must be fitted by a Gas Safe registered engineer. 

You must also agree to the appliance being inspected as part of our gas servicing programme. 

You must not use any room which has an open flue appliance as a bedroom. Don't block up ventilation holes or air bricks, or allow plants to do so.

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do not use any electrical appliances including phones

do not switch light on or off

do not touch electrical switches, lights and doorbells (this may cause a spark)

put out all cigarettes and do not use any naked flames

turn off your supply at the meter immediately

open all windows and doors

check if a gas tap has been left on accidently, or if a pilot light has gone out

contact Northern Gas Networks (formerly Transco) on 0800 11 19 99. You will be given a reference number to keep for future reference. 

leave your home and contact us.

never try to repair a gas appliance yourself.

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Always switch off any appliances when not in use and pull out any plugs.

Never take electrical items into the bathroom.
Don't overload sockets. 

Don't touch electrical appliances with wet hands.

Get to know your fuse box and how it works. 

Report all broken switches, light fittings or exposed wiring to the Repairs and Maintenance Service.

Keep sockets safe from children by fitting socket covers ​

Click to expandWhat do I do if I've got no electricity supply?

Before contacting us, please check that there is not a power cut in your area. Call Yorkshire Distribution (YEDL) on 0800 37 56 75

Click to expandWhat do I do if I've got no water supply?

Before contacting us, please check that there is not a problem with the water supply in your area. Call Yorkshire Water on 0845 124 24 24. 

Click to expandImprovements and alterations to your home

Before carrying out improvements or adaptations to your home you must seek permission from us. You can download a “Permission to make an alteration request form” from the documents section below.

You should take full details of the improvements/alternation to your local housing office to log your request for the improvements/alternation works.

We may request further information or arrange for an inspection before making a decision.

Your local housing officer will provide you with appropriate advice and the procedures on granting consent.

You must ensure your improvements/adaptations works meet Building Control and Health and Safety Regulations.


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