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High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes

Congestion in Leeds is increasing and many cars in Leeds carry just the driver. If we are to reduce congestion we have to make more efficient use of the road space and we can do this by prioritising delivery of people rather than their vehicles in to Leeds city centre.

A High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane does this, being typically available to nearly all vehicles carrying two or more (2+) people.  You can download the 2+ leaflet as a pdf from with this page and this has more details on how these lanes operate, who can use them and when. All such lanes have 2+ signs beside them and are enforced by the police.

A 2+ lane has successfully operated on the A647 Stanningley Road in Leeds since 1998.  In the last few years other 2+ lanes have opened; on the M606 (from Bradford towards Leeds) and on the A63 to/from M1 junction 45. West Yorkshire's fourth 2+ lane opened just recently on Roundhay Road.

Finding a car share partner

A free car share matching database has been set up for the Leeds area. Visit www.carshareleeds.com, register your journey, search for other people going the same way and contact potential car share partners through the secure web site.  Alternatively visit our car sharing page for further details and information.