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Grass verges and cutting

Leeds City Council is responsible for maintaining over 9 million square metres of grass verges, hedges, shrubs and rose beds and our grass cutting is generally carried out between the months of March and October. We do not cut grass that is privately owned or on properties and estates that do not belong to us.

Grass cuttings
You may notice that clippings have been left after we have cut the grass. This is because we do not collect clippings. Clippings are left distributed evenly over the verge and will compost down back into the soil.

Can I cut the grass verge outside my home?
You can apply to cut the grass or dig the verge outside your home and in order to do this you will need to get a licence from us. You can find the application form in the Documents section.

How do I find out when a particular grass verge will be cut?
You can check which grass verges are cut and when a cut is next due by accessing a website provided by our grass cutting contractor, Continental Landscapes Ltd in the External links section. The website provides access to a map which shows individual plots included on the schedule and a search function to find out when the last visit took place and when the next visit is due (please note that the next visit can vary by up to 2 days).

How do I report a problem?
To report a problem you can email us using the Contact us form on this page. Please advise us of the exact location of the problem.

For further information
Please use the Contact us form on this page.

Why have the grass cuttings not been removed from the footpath?

Grass cuttings are not collected or removed, but should be distributed evenly over the verge and not left on paths and walkways, in order to prevent slipping.

Why is the grass being cut during adverse weather conditions?

As our contractor is working to a set programme it is important that they try to adhere to the schedule. They will continue to service areas where appropriate, until weather conditions or Health and Safety issues prevent this.

Why have some areas not been cut with the rest of the area (I.e. grass banks/large open spaces)?

The area may be on another maintenance programme as different types of equipment might be required. The contractor has different teams for cutting banks and slopes. Also Leeds City Council’s Parks and Countryside department maintain most parks and sports grounds.

I am not able to do my gardening anymore, can the council do it?

If you live in a council property, please contact your local housing office to see if they can assist. If you are a resident of a private property visit www.leedsdirectory.org or call Leeds Directory on 0113 3918333 to find a reliable grass cutting service in their area.

There are lots of weeds on the pavement - can you send a weed sprayer?

Weed spraying is managed by Parks and Countryside. Please contact them at parks@leeds.gov.uk to request a weed sprayer.

I would like to park my car in my front garden but need to cross a verge and/or footpath to do so. What can I do?

It is illegal to drive over grass verges or footpaths unless a crossover, approved by Leeds City Council is in place. Please contact the Highways department on 0113 2224407.

If you live in a house owned, or formerly owned by the Council you need to get permission from the local housing office for a hard standing outside your property.​

How do I report materials placed on the grass verge causing obstruction and damage?

It is illegal to place building materials, even on a temporary basis, without permission on a verge. Use the link below to contact the council's Enforcement team with full details of the location. An officer will investigate and ensure these materials are removed, or issue a final warning notice under Section 137 Highways Act 1980 advising that prosecution will be pursued if the materials are not removed.

Permission may be granted by applying for a licence. To apply for a licence, please download and complete the building materials licence application form from our Documents section and return it with your payment to the address on the form. Please ensure that your application form has been fully completed otherwise the issue of your licence may be delayed.​

Report materials placed on the grass verge

I live in sheltered housing - how often do you cut the grass?

We aim to complete one cut every week during the growing season which amounts to 28 cuts a year.

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