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Getting out and about

If you would like to find activities, clubs or social groups in your local area - either for yourself or on behalf of someone you care for - we can help.

There are various schemes across Leeds which offer a variety of different activities, and the chance to socialise in a friendly, supportive environment.

Daytime activities are held in a variety of locations such as accessible community centres and church halls – and many are run by volunteers.

Leeds also has neighbourhood network schemes which provide many services and activities for older people across the city. They are funded by us and other bodies, but are managed and run by the members themselves. Read about people's experiences of neighbourhood network schemes in the documents section.

Specialist daytime support is also available for people who have particular needs – such as those with dementia or people needing particularly intensive help to  recover from an illness or injury.

Call 0113 222 4401 (or textphone 0113 222 4410) for further information about daytime support or speak to your care manager if you have one. You can also use the link on this page to visit the Leeds Directory website for information about services, groups and activities in your area. 

If you care for someone
If you’re a carer and would like some help to balance your caring duties with other aspects of your life for example work or family demands we can help. Call 0113 222 4401 (or textphone 0113 222 4410) to arrange a carer’s assessment.

Using a personal budget for daytime activities
If you're eligible for help from Adult Social Care and would like more say over how your care is provided and how you spend your day, ask for information about personal budgets. Many people use a personal budget from Adult Social Care to arrange their own support or daytime activities.

Physical activity for adults over 60
You will find comprehensive information in the Documents section on this page. 

You can also find out about valuable and rewarding volunteering opportunities throughout the city in this section.​