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Garforth Parking Strategy

The Garforth Parking Strategy forms a framework for future management of parking in the town centre. The final strategy is in the Documents section on this page. The proposals are as follows

  • The conversion of the two main council owned car parks to limited duration of stay (currently both operate with un-limited duration of stay);
  • Immediately create additional parking areas (including motorcycle parking) where possible e.g. by enlarging Main Street car park (development and implementation of a revised layout to optimise parking, following demolition of  the garages), and bring the Recreation Ground car park up to parking standards for long-stay use;
  • Encourage sustainable travel and efficient use of private car parks (including Town End and Gascoigne’s) within the business community
  • Depending on the success or otherwise of the above, there may be a need to extend the resident permit schemes;
  • Immediately review signing, lining and traffic orders on Main Street (including zig-zag lines, location of bus stops and narrower running lanes) with a view to providing short-stay parking of 30 minutes duration where possible. This review will be progressed in liaison with the accident studies team as Main Street, Garforth is currently identified as a length for concern;
  • Review disabled parking provision in the public car parks and re-distribute 4 car park disabled spaces along Main Street;
  • Review and if possible remove the need for bus timing points on Main Street;
  • Review existing resident parking areas to allow dual short-stay use, if appropriate;
  • Complete a street audit of Main Street to enhance identified parking improvements; and
  • Continue with the existing parking management regime using comprehensive waiting restrictions, but keep under review the possibility of introducing Pay and Display.

Further detailed consultation on associated Traffic Regulation Orders will take place when any proposals are progressed.